PrEng II

Catherine Tivnan-Oda

T W 1:25 - 4:40 pm

This course is devoted to refining skills in writing papers to equip the students with the necessary tools in writing academic papers, particularly argumentative papers.

The course is organized into two parts: review of learned skills from Expository Writing and Research I and the process of Argumentative Research Writing. In order to reinforce and establish the necessary foundations involved in writing, the students are exposed to exercises and academic discussions of the concepts taken in the previous course, particularly sentence patterns and paragraphing. Research writing is a process; therefore, it intends to help students understand and become accustomed to the process of writing by providing steps and stages so as to increase their confidence in their ability to write a good and even an excellent argumentative research paper.

Like any skill one has to acquire, writing improves with a lot of practice and dedication, so students are expected to exert an extra mile in order to achieve the objectives of this course.


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