Theo 298 / Theo 304.1
Denis Kim, SJ
M T W 2:00 – 5:00 pm

(Intensive Asian Mandate Course, Jan 18 – Feb. 5)

This course aims to deepening an understanding of international migration so that the students can prepare for migrants ministry in Asia. International migration charges us to rethink not only the changes in demography and labor market, but also citizenship, nationhood, and the issue of race and ethnicity. It thus calls the Church to re-imagine its ministry beyond the national boundary. The course is composed of three parts. First, after reviewing international migration theories, it will overview the historical development of international migration in the US and Europe, and Asia. Secondly it will examine thematic issues, such as state and control, migration and development, migration and gender, migration politics, integration and multiculturalism, with a focus on the Philippines and East Asia. Finally, it will explore how the Church can contribute to promoting rights of migrants.


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