Theo 240(A)

GRACE (3 units)
Joaquin Yap, DPhil
W 9:00 - 9:50 am
F 10:10 - 12:00 nn

Stephen Duffy observes that the theology of grace "addresses axial questions: what it means to be a human person, how God is experienced by humans, and how God and humans and their history are interrelated and made one in Christ."

This course consists of a systematic doctrinal investigation of the mystery of "life in Christ," and the pastoral implications and reflections arising from this graced reality. Beginning with the scriptural understanding of grace, the study traces the major controversies in Christian tradition: Pelagianism-Semipelagianism-Augustinianism; the Reformation and its heirs--the response of Trent. Special attention will be given to articulating the necessary balance between divine grace and human freedom, and to exploring the richness of the patristic doctrine (preserved in the Eastern churches) of deification (theosis). In attempting to do a contemporary and contextualized theology of grace, the course will consider the question of the presence and action of grace in other (especially Asian) religions.

Maximum number of students: 20


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